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“Yoga” World’s Best Medicine

“Yoga” World’s Best Medicine

Yoga is a word originated from Sanskrit word ‘Yuj’ which means union of individual consciousness with universal consciousness. Yoga works on physical ,mental ,spiritual, emotional well being. It is a fundamental step you can take towards, expanding the limits of your consciousness to gain mastery over your mind. It is the journey inwards which helps to attain the real goal of life which is self-realization. The ultimate goal of yoga is stabilising the mind and gaining insight within, being in a space of detached awareness.

There are various streams /tools of yoga –


Asanas are body postures which are performed daily to make body flexible,so that we enhance our output to optimum capacity by synchronizing  our body energies with cosmic energies to fulfill our karma or duties for the day without breaking down,like a well oiled machine performs.


It is a practice of breath regulation and balance. Prana means life force or breath which sustains our life. Ayama translates as “to extend or draw out by  way of exercise. It means breath extension or control.



Meditation is focusing the mind on a particular object, thought or activity ,to train focus and awareness, achieve a mentally clear and emotionally calm and stable state. When we meditate, we lower our stress levels, we connect better, we improve our focus, and we’re kinder to ourselves.


Kriya refers to a sequence of breathing practices, and exercises that are practiced to achieve complete harmony of mind and body activity. This word means “completed action”.   

-Therapeutic Yoga

Specific Yoga practices are applied for different diseased conditions.

Science of Yoga believes that every individual is different and Yoga therapy plan should be specific, based on age, physical limitation, body type, flexibility and mental health.

Therapeutic yoga brings healing of body and mind. A set of specific exercises, combined with breathing techniques and meditation principles are applied till, full recovery established.

At “Bliss” therapeutic yoga is offered for various conditions.

Because of concentration on mind and body integration, yoga therapy is applied to address many physical and mental health issues.

It has been effectively used to treat;

Depression, Anxiety, Back pain, Heart conditions, Asthma, Chronic Fatigue, Hypertension, Multiple Sclerosis, Side effects of Chemotherapy and much more.

Some of the other conditions are-

Yoga for Pregnancy– From your physical body to your emotional state, prenatal yoga is key to a healthy, happy pregnancy. It helps to support your changing hormones. It tones the important muscle groups. It prepares the body for labor and delivery. It provides relief from common pregnancy complaints and ensures a healthier journey.

Yoga for hypertension– Yoga helps to reduce cholesterol levels by improving overall body metabolism and helps in treating hypertension as well.

Yoga for Diabetes– Yoga practices which aim on stimulating pancreas, are performed which in long term help to treat Diabetes. Along with that yoga works on overall metabolism which helps in Diabetes.    

Yoga for Pain– Yoga helps in improving flexibility and strength of muscles and improves blood circulation of the whole body which helps in releasing toxic congested blood and helps in pain management.

Yoga for immunity– Yoga balances physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual and each plane of human body which improves immunity. Improved blood circulation also helps to generate more  number of white blood cells.

Yoga for Hair– Inverted asanas improve blood circulation of brain and head region which helps in hair health. It also strengthens nerves of head region which helps in alleviating headache and migraine.

Yoga for Belly fat– Specific Yoga practices help to reduce belly fat by burning excess fat in the abdomen area. By doing regular yoga whole body attains perfect shape, as well.

Yoga for Thyroid– Some practices stimulates thyroid gland and normalizes its activity (Hyper or Hypo). Thyroid gland plays important role in metabolism, growth and development.

Yoga for Constipation– Yoga helps in peristaltic movement of intestines by giving the massaging effect to complete digestive system. This improves the bowel movements and helps to relieve constipation.

AT BLISS, Yoga sessions are taken on individual basis. Specific attention to specific disease is given during the session.

Yoga Session timings-

10 -11am, 11-12 noon

5-6 pm, 6-7 pm

1-2 persons are taken per session, to give specialized attention to their problem.

 One can take daily sessions or on alternate days or weekends.

 Sessions for only Pranayama and Meditation are also provided.

P.S. Let’s not wait for annual yoga day, and do it once a year.        

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