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Stomach Ulcers

When inner lining of stomach or small intestine is enrolled due to excess of hydrochloric acid, it causes ulcers, also known as peptic ulcers.


  • Most common being H. Pylori infection 
  • Long term use of killers.
  • Excess us of spicy food can worse the condition.
  • Alcohol overuse as well as smoking .
  • Coffee + Tea excess.
  • Stress  that  untreated.

Some of above cause don’t cause ulcers directly but become a cause of worsen the condition by eating up the protective mucosa of stomach living.

Ulcers can cause obstruction to downward passage of food consumed, hence causing feeling of fullness, to vomit etc.

Homeopathy combined with distress life style changes and therapies, yoga and pranayam practice will not only give you relief from symptoms but permanent relief.