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Skin Disorders

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Skin Disorders

Skin disorders can very greatly in their symptoms and severity. They can be temporary of long term. But mostly they are reflection of inner health which is exhibited through skin.

Reasons such as :

  • Constipation             : Genetic
  • Poor Sleep                 : Lower immunity
  • Poor Food Habits     : Autoimmune disorder
  • Stress                          : Lack of Hygeine
  • Poor Breathing         : Lack of Hydration
  • Allergies

As skin conditions are manifestation of inner health story. Many times when deeper health conditions are suppressed for temporary relief with use of allopathy, it leads to those toxins erupting into skin area, like ache, Psoriasis, Enema, dermatitis, vrticaria etc.

Best way to treat these conditions for long term permanent cures is to apply holistic approach.

That is to look into all angles which caused them in the first place such as :

  • Diet & life style correction.
  • Destress and Detox Therapies
  • Raising Immunity
  • Better Hygiene Practice
  • Hydrate more

Also fix internal disorders which are not cause, through use of homeopathy, ayurveda, yoga etc.

At Bliss, we have experience of treating skin disorders for over 25 years as BLISS started as a skin care centre and our sole focus was in this area with holistic approach which later grew into total wellness centre.

Dr. Balis experience in treating skin disorders is deep and vast which many success stories, specially in cosmetics skin care field like Ache, Pigmentation, Moles, warts, skin tags, vitiligo etc.