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Pre-Bridal And Groom Care

Pre-Bridal and Groom Care

2-3 months prior to your wedding is the time you need maximum care and attention. Be it your skin, hair or body. We will do your counseling and understand your needs one by one and make a program for you with periodical visits taking care of every aspect of your well being.

Pre-Bridal And Groom Care
  • Body scrubs and Massages
  • Face cleanups and Polish
  • Hair spa and other therapies
  • Glow Facials
  • Hands and Feet Care
  • Weight loss and Toning
  • Detoxifying Therapies
  • Ayurvedic Relaxing therapies for better sleep
  • Yoga and Meditation for a calm mind and sound sleep
We make sure that a week before your big day you achieve the following:
  • Blemish free face and body
  • Luxuriant glossy hair
  • Well toned shapely body
  • High energy levels and calm mind
  • Rejuvenated and detoxed body.
  • A radiant skin.
Pre-Bridal And Groom Care

We also make sure that you spend quality time with your loved ones be it family or your partner while you go through your treatment phase enjoying it together as well as alone.

Pre-Bridal And Groom Care
Pre-Bridal And Groom Care