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Lymphatic Drainage Massage

Lymphatic Drainage Massage

Procedure of Lymphatic Drainage Massage.

In order to understand role of lymphatic drainage massage for good health and immunity, it’s important to know what lymph flow is and why one needs to do Lymphatic Drainage Massage.

Lymph is a fluid flowing in lymph vessels, like we have blood flowing in blood vessels. Lymph channels carry impurities back to the heart  to get purified and flow back as healthy blood through blood vessels to nourish and oxygenate all tissues, cells, organs in our body.

The lymphatic system is an important part of our immune system. Through a network of hundreds of lymph nodes, certain fluid called lymph drains out toxic waste, and gets transported back into our bloodstream after purification. This process improves the overall circulation and helps in reducing swelling caused due to blockages in its natural flow during surgical procedures etc.

Lymphatic Drainage Massage

Conditions in which lymph flow gets sluggish:

-Any prolonged illness.

-Immobility after surgery.

-Lack of Exercise



Post Operative Lymphatic Drainage Massage

Sluggish lymph flow due to immobility after surgery causes swelling in surrounding tissues due to retention of toxic waste. Lymphatic drainage massage is done by applying soft, gentle strokes to activate lymph flow through lymph channels towards central lymph node and then to heart for purification, also draining toxic waste on the way.

Role of Lymphatic Drainage Massage in Liposuction

After liposuction, lymph flow gets obstructed due to tampering of surrounding tissues during surgical procedure which leads to swelling. Lymphatic Drainage massage helps to reduce the swelling by enhancing the lymph flow. It also helps to remove the toxicity of blood caused due to heavy medications post surgery.

Similarly it helps in recovery of all type of cut open surgeries, like caesarean, knee, ankle, foot surgery, all open abdominal surgeries etc.

Importance of Lymphatic drainage massage

When there’s any kind of obstruction in your lymphatic system, fluid can start to build up. Lymphatic drainage massage helps to move that fluid and remove the toxic blood flow.

What Happens During a Lymphatic Drainage Massage?

Light rhythmic movements stimulate the lymphatic system without pressing hard on the vessel. They make the lymph fluid, move easily through the nodes and tissues, making sure the fluid doesn’t get trapped anywhere. 

Conditions in which lymphatic drainage massage is helpful

1. Lymphoedema – It’s been used to treat lymphoedema. Lymph edema means swelling due to collection of lymph fluid. The swelling is caused by lymph fluid that’s collected in the soft tissues, due to genetic disorders, injury, infection, cancer treatment as in chemotherapy, all post surgical conditions. Symptoms of lymph edema include:

  • Pain
  • Skin discoloration,bruising due to blood clots
  • Tissue swelling
  • Heaviness in the limbs
  • Weakness
  • Hardening or thickening of the skin
  • Recurring infections

Lymphatic drainage massage helps to ease all the above symptoms by enhancing the lymph flow.

2.Rheumatoid Arthritis– As the disease progresses, lymph flow gets poor and produces symptoms like-

  • Tissue swelling
  • Pain in the joints
  • Joints lose their function
  • Skin changes color.

 Lymph drainage massage can help ease these later-stage rheumatoid arthritis symptoms.

‌3. Chronic venous insufficiency –In this condition the valves or walls of the veins that are in the legs do not function properly.. This makes it hard for the blood to flow back to the heart from the legs.‌ Lymphatic drainage massage can help increase the speed of blood flow towards the heart.

‌4.Fibromyalgia-Lymph drainage massage may help people with fibromyalgia. This condition causes inflammation of the nerves in skin, discoloration of the skin, and tissue swelling. Lymphatic drainage massage helps in treating stiffness and improving quality of life.

Thus lymphatic drainage massage is very valuable in all post operative phases as well as in reducing severity of many other inflammatory diseases.

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