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Liver Cleanse/ Detox

Importance of Liver Cleanse:

The liver is the most Vital and Largest organ of the body that carries out numerous important functions of the body. Even functions of the digestive tract are interrelated to the Liver. Its main job is to purify the blood coming from the digestive system before passing to the rest of the body.

It metabolizes fats, proteins; carbohydrates. A healthy liver can detoxify almost everything that a person consumes even drugs and chemicals. The liver also produces bile that helps digestion.

For the optimum function of this very important organ, one can detoxify Liver by excreting its toxic deposits, calcified cholesterol stones due to which its healthy function gets impaired.

Liver Cleanse

“Recover your Liver from Alcohol Abuse and Fatty Liver.”

For all those alcohol lovers, the Good News is, you can revive your Liver before it’s too late, provided you can take 7 days to break from an overdose of alcohol along with heavy, late night dinners

There is a simple procedure of 6 days plan to be followed.

At the start, 1 session of Colon Cleanses to be taken.

Liver Cleanse

Meal Plan for 6 Days:

  • On wakeup – 2 Glasses of Hot Water and 1 Glass of Hot Lemon Water.
  • Breakfast- Lauki or White Pumpkin Juice with Beetroot, Pink Salt, Dhania, Spinach mix.
  • 9 am – Water from few soaked raisins overnight.
  • 10 am – 1 Coconut Water (100ml)
  • 11 am – Oats cooked with mixed Veggies in Ghee.
  • 1 pm – Bowl of mixed fruits, Ginger and Tulsi Herb Tea.
  • 3 pm – Yellow Daal and Bowl of Veggies, 1-2 Multi-Grain Roti with Ghee or Brown Rice.
  • 6 pm – Mix Veg Green Salad with Nuts, Seeds and Dried Fruits – Olive oil Apple Cider Vinegar with Green Tea.

On 6th Day – There is fasting from 2 pm to 10 am and consumption of prescribed salt and oil and juice drinks in the evening.

7th Morning You will flush out 100’s of small pea size stones formed from toxins, cholesterol.

8th Day of your detox, another Colon Cleanse is done.

Your Liver will start showing improvement by telltale science of well being in terms of Energy levels, Clearer skin, and eyes, the disappearance of earlier symptoms of Liver dysfunction.

You will also lose lots of weight with a flatter tummy & enjoy a NEW YOU.

The liver is responsible for carrying good nutrition everywhere in the body after filtering chemicals from drugs & alcohol.

In 80 % of cases of Liver diseases, medicines don’t work because the Liver doesn’t like chemicals.

When it’s already overloaded and tired of chemicals from alcohol, heavy oily Non-Veg late-night meals, coffee, tea, day to day medicines, the only way it can recover is by detoxing it from its accumulated toxins and blockages.

Natural detox diet with loads of water and rest is what revives its optimum function again.

Some Do’s and Don’ts should follow along with this program.