‘Bliss’ Ladies spa section started with the thought,  with so many unsafe, non-authentic spas floating around every day, where do ladies go for their rejuvenation needs.

Today’s urban woman is a hardworking, ambitious, self-assured, worthy female who takes on a lot in life, on a daily basis.

She needs to recharge, reclaim and rejoice as a fundamental right to be herself, to put her best foot forward in all spheres of life.

At Bliss, she can just hand  herself over in able hands of our well skilled and experienced therapists for our Head  to Toe services all under one roof,  in a relaxing, peaceful,aromatic ambiance buzzing with positive energy, specially charged with unique healing vibrations, a pure and natural space..under personal guidance of Dr Bali.

Be it to …

Rejuvenate, detox, revive, beautify, or just pamper herself.



Our Specialities

So ladies come and pamper yourself to a healthier, happier, New you.