Dr. Bali’s Holistic Homoeopathy


Dr. Poonam Bali, founder, and director of BLISS TOTAL WELLNESS is a gold medalist degree holder in Homoeopathy with 25 years of experience as a family physician in treating patients from all walks of life, irrespective of age, gender, medical, personal or family history with great success.

Her patients have followed and patronized her ranging from 5-25 years. Her U.S.P. is wide knowledge in the field of all holistic wellness including Naturopathy, Yoga, Ayurveda, besides, mastering Homoeopathy.

Expertise in Natural wellness runs in her family, which she inherited from her parents, having grown up on homoeopathy herself from her tender years. She has tremendous experience and she is able to instill much-needed confidence and faith in her patients with her in-depth case taking, where she connects with finer nuances, characteristics of an individual’s lifestyle, emotional and mental health, food habits.

She possesses a natural life of being a psychoanalyst, needed in correct homoeopathic patient-doctor relation.

She spends a minimum of 20-30 minutes or more with each patient, forming that deep understanding of the individual.

Her pleasant, friendly demeanor helps the patient to open up right away which ensures deep-rooted permanent cures.

Her clinic, being a total wellness center encourages patients, taking up other rejuvenating and detox programs besides oral medication, all under one roof, which works as long term preventive care, keeping you on path free from disease, surgery, and hospital, granting you long term uninterrupted health.

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