Hair Health is best looked after with a combination of outer personal care; cleansing, conditioning, nourishing and internal care; distressing, good diet and exercise.

‘Bliss’ Hair Treatments:

Signature Hair loss Therapy

After a wash, pores of scalp are opened by steaming then active ingredient of a potent tincture is penetrated with ozone therapy and manual acupressure. Then distressing massage with nourishing ingredients and steam is given.

Scalp injections

For chronic and advanced cases a potent hair serums that can arrest hair loss and regrow hair is injected into scalp for quick recovery.

Aromatherapy for Hair

Our aroma oil blends are used to massage in hair for fast regrowth.

Herbal Hair care

With our potent herbal hair blends hair loss is prevented and recovered.

PRP for Hair loss and Recovery

Refer to PRP Skin And Hair Rejuvenation

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