Dr Poonam Bali

A Wellness Coach and Cosmetologist

As a graduate in Homoeopathic Medicine B.H.M.S. (GOLD MEDALLIST) with special bent towards Skin, Beauty Care, and total welless, she believed in holistic aproach since her early years as a science student. She is a living example of her belief as a self practitioner. ‘A great skin is an outer manifestation of internal story of health’, following this belief she went to England to study Cosmetic medicine in 1995. She returned with the latest and best of technology, products, multiple diplomas (under British Board) and work experience.

For first few years after inception, she ran ‘Bliss’cosmetic skin care clinic,helping people of Delhi solve their much needed cosmetological concerns, and became an instant success. Backed with thorough medical knowledge and holistic approach she became India’s first cosmetic skin care practitioner using alternative medicine combined with most innovative technology.

Dr Poonam Bali


Dr. Poonam Bali
Homoeopathic Medicine B.H.M.S.

She gave permanent solutions for skin care, advising her clientele from all walks of life, students to housewives to models and industrialists. Soon her following grew beyond Delhi, to all parts of India. Over the years, she enhanced her training from best specialists in the field, to innovate her Cosmetic skin and Holistic Wellness practice. She is a household name for skin care based on complete wellness giving her clients total and permanent solutions.

She mastered corrective skin treatments like Dermapeels, Laser, Galvanic, Non Surgical Lifts, Permanent Facial Creations, Body Contouring, PRP, Clinical Facial Rejuvenation for Acne, Scars, Pigmentation etc.

Yoga & Lifestyle Coach

For complete holistic effect, she incorporates Yoga, Meditation, Aromatherapy, Acupressure, Reiki, Colon therapy and Spa therapies in her treatments and programs for a detoxifying and distressing effect supporting her skin care results and life long wellness.

In 2003, Allergan, the largest manufacturers of Botox and Fillers (Juvederm , Restylane and Voluma) approached her to add these revolutionary products in age defying skincare to her practice. She believes, if her clients want an anti-ageing look in no downtime, she should be equipped to offer it. She became known for most accurate and comfortable injections being an artiste, aesthetician and a  healer, for both men and women.

She consults for men and women of all ages and profiles for a range of treatments from skin, hair and beauty to stress management,weight loss,bodyshaping,gastrointestinal problems,detox,grooming, prebridal care, lifestyle change etc. She is a trained yoga teacher ( from South India) and Colon Hydro-therapist ( from Florida, U.S.A).

Its her vision and passion for Skin Care and Holistic Wellness which led her to set up Bliss Total Wellness including Ayurveda and Cosmetic Skin Centres. Having been recognized as a gifted healer and skin expert she became a personal advisor to Rajmata Gayatri Devi ( in her last 15 years of life ) and as well as crème de la crème of Delhi Society and outside.