Dermal Fillers are the best way to restore the lost volume of facial features or even body parts to make them look youthful again without cut open surgery.

These soft Hyaluronic Gel Fillers available in varying consistency even help in smoothing Superficial Fine lines and texture of the skin. This ingredient is naturally present in skin, when it starts depleting with age, it can be supplemented. HA ( Hyaluronic acid) has the ability to retain moisture into the skin and it supports the formation of collagen and its maintenance.

The lowering of HA production starts at 18-20 years and manifests 35- 40 years onward.

Fillers can augment the sunken look of:

  • Under Eye Area
  • Creasing of Laugh Lines
  • Drooping of corners of Mouth
  • Hollow of Cheeks
  • Thin or ill-defined Lips
  • Skinny hands

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