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Our body is like a machine which is made to work nonstop, day and night, without a break, in order to digest all kind of foods, non-vegetarian, wheat, maida, fried, and sweets, it gets overworked and packs up. Some people eat late dinner and again next morning tea with biscuit /rusk etc. starts, body is […]

Every illness is caused due to accumulation of toxic waste in the body. That leads to toxicity of Blood and affects regular Lymph flow, which leads to lowered immunity. Due to lowered immunity, body catches disease easily. Therefore, when your colon is toxic becomes cause of most diseases. A Clean colon will prevent most diseases. […]

“BLISS” Gift Vouchers Bliss Gift Vouchers are available occasions such as Birthdays/Anniversaries, Valentine’s Day and other festivals like Raakhi, Bhai-Dooj, Diwali, Christmas, New Born (Mother + Body Massages), etc. Some Gift Ideas: Detox Body Scrub                            Rs. 1800 Detox Ayurvedic Massage               Rs. 1800 Aromatherapy Relaxing Massage    Rs. 2000 Detox/Hydrating Facial                    Rs. 1800 Face Clean                                        Rs. 800 […]