BOTOX is a non-surgical, semi-permanent treatment that relaxes muscles which cause wrinkles around eyes, forehead, and neck. It is approved by the FDA.

A small amount of Botox administer in these areas with a very fine insulin needle just 1 mm of the needle goes into the skin that feels like just an ant bite. It leaves the face looking years younger and rejuvenated. There is no downtime. It takes 36- 72 hours to show full effect. This treatment may be repeated 4-6 months. A touch-up session can be done from 2-4 months if it required.

BOTOX TREATMENT can also be used for improving arch of eyebrows & improving contours of jaw.

Dr. Bali was one of the first few skin experts to be certified by Allergan to use BOTOX at her clinic in 2003

BOTOX is a trademark of Allergan Health Care.