Body Shaping / Weight Loss

After the detail Client counseling & medical history, suitable Body Shaping/ Weight Loss Treatment options will be planned from the following.

These natural therapies work by connecting your fat burning capacity, hormonal balance, and detoxification of the system. The body gets into a fat shedding mode in a scientific manner round the clock. No electric currents or supplements will be used.


  • Ayurvedic Herbal Powder Massage: Detoxifying properties of this herbal mix along with manual fat breaking massage techniques help in burning the old stubborn fat at a fast pace. Steam will use in this treatment.
  • Colon Hydrotherapy: This treatment removes waste or old fecal matter and gases from the digestive tract within an hour. This results in instant inch loss from the waist. After this fat loss is more effective resulting in the drop in weight.
  • Diet analysis: After the detail diet history, the modification will have done as per caloric requirement based on daily output. This leads to maintaining optimum weight. The modified diet also helps in increasing vigor & vitality. Daily, weekly, monthly diet charts will be planned.
  • Yoga sessions: Yoga sessions are playing a very important part of body shaping treatments. It helps in bringing hormonal balance, the calmness of mind and discipline in one’s lifestyle. Regular Yoga sessions help in optimizing BMR and toning fat around muscles resulting in spot reduction. Individual plans will design for regular sessions at our center.
  • Homeopathic medicines: If any medical imbalance has found in the case history, Homeopathic medicines will be given for thyroid imbalance, and constipation, etc. resulting in weight loss.

Weight Loss Package (Renewable Every 3 months)

  • 3 months package —    36 sessions    —    thrice in a week
  • 3 months package —    24 sessions    —    twice a week

All the above methods will use in combination as per individual finding. Detoxification of the body expedites the fat burning process of throughout 24hrs resulting in a more shapely and slimmer body