Every woman no matter what age or status dreams about clear, glowing face, with that belief we at Bliss designed a  Dream  Treatment that is ‘Advance Skin Brightening Peel‘ which can cure any kind of blemish be it from acne or pigmentation.  Skin discolorations or scars caused by different factors such as; sun exposures, hormonal imbalance, stress, lack of sleep, poor diet, etc.  With this peels, you can see results within 1 – 3  weeks of mild peeling up to  60 – 80 %.  Besides treating patching discolorations this treatment also brings a glow to the skin.

The best part is these peels are gentle on the skin and don’t demand with aftercare or sun protection and there are no side effects.
The treatment has to be carried out at our clinic that takes a few hours of application of peeling cream under the watch of skin doctor and thereafter you gives a Peel Cream to use at home.  These combined clinic and home care give you a luminous clear skin that you can maintain with some sun protection.