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Acne and Pigmentation

Acne is a condition in which the overactive oil glands and dead cells clog the pores resulting into pimples. It mostly occurs in teen age. There are different forms of acne such as Blackheads, Whiteheads, Pustules, Papules, Nodules or Cysts. They mostly involve the face, neck, back and shoulders. If left untreated it may cause blemishes and scarring. With age, women undergo various hormonal changes, which can trigger Skin Pigmentation disorders. The cells that contain melanin pigments often get over-stimulated or damaged, which results in the formation of Dark Spots, Patches, and Pigmentation disorders.

We believe that skin disorder reflects the imbalance caused by the human body. Therefore, our Diagnosis and Homeopathic treatment approach is focused on tracking down the root cause to cure the disease. The Homeopathic approach for skin problems is the constitutional approach where the patient answers a list of questions, based on which the analysis and evaluation of the case is done and a proper constitutional medicine is selected as skin disorders are the end results of inner, emotional stress. 

Homeopathy also don’t believe in treating the skin disorders by local ointments and creams, rather it prefers the oral medicines which go deep into the system and cure from within. Homeopathic Medicines stop the excess production of melanin, improve your skin, and ultimately stop the further occurrence of the Skin Patches.