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Acne Clean Up

Acne Clean Up use for the skin which has pimples. In the treatment of ACNE or its SCARS, we focus on two things:

  • Sebum control and exfoliation
  • Disinfection of area using germicidal effect

Bliss uses the products & techniques which are non-oily and antibacterial in effect which clean overly oily skin.

  • Anti-acne serums and tinctures will use to cleanse, exfoliate and disinfect clogged pores. This calms the irritated acne and improves skin’s moisture and tone, tighten pores of oily and acne scarred skin.
Acne And Pigmentation Treatment
Acne And Pigmentation Treatment

Pigmentation Cleanup

Why we need Pigmentation Cleanup? A mature, dry skin pigments faster which gets worse with sun rays. Focus is on hydrating and de-pigmentation products and techniques to penetrate serums into dermal layer to remove day to day pigmentation from sun exposure, stress and dryness. Effect comes clearer, hydrated, nourished skin less prone to pigmentation.

Technique  and  Products  Applied  are:

  • Advanced and Professional Peels
  • Clean up with natural fruits and vegetable extracts using galvanic method.
  • Herbal applications with de-pigmentation properties for clean up.
Acne And Pigmentation Treatment
Acne And Pigmentation Treatment