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“Homeopathy, with dynamic power of it’s remedies, awakens the body's natural ability to heal, by stimulating immune power that dominates and defeats illness and establishes long term state of wellness.

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"Unique Concept Of Bliss"

Dr. Poonam Bali‘s ‘Bliss’ is an “All Under One Roof” Center for Integrated Health, internal and external, including Grooming. 

Be it to prevent or cure any condition of Body, Mind, Skin, Hair using Homeopathy, Ayurveda, Naturopathy, Yoga, Food and Lifestyle as medicine. 

This approach brings sustainable health, without uneccessary involvement of Hospitals, Surgeries and life long Medicines.

Dr. Poonam Bali

Meet the “Holistic Health Expert”

Dr. Poonam Bali

After obtaining a Degree in Homeopathic Medicine with Gold Medal, as her formal education, Dr. Poonam Bali pursued her keen interest in Integrated Natural Health Medicine

“Food & Lifestyle should work as medicine” is her firm belief. Raised by parents who were believers in same philosophy, she was inspired to establish a unique concept of “Holistic Living” and gave birth to “Bliss”  Alternative Holistic Health Centre.

She is dedicated to her mission of offering good health without dependence on medicines, hospitals and doctors. She herself is a living example of healthy mind and body from an organic and balanced lifestyle.

Colon Hydrotherapy

Colon Hydrotherapy is a complete wash of your large intestines. It encourages restoration of the colon’s natural function by enhancing peristalsis. Colon Hydrotherapy cures chronic health conditions caused by the sluggishness of the intestines, when combined with Ayurvedic, Homeopathic and Yoga treatments along with dietary advice.


I forgot what’s Depression after meeting Dr. Bali

Dr. Poonam Bali has really helped me gain a new perspective on life. I was having mental fears and I luckily came to this clinic where the homeopathic medicines and counseling given by Dr. Bali tremendously helped me. Moreover, I also went through colon cleansing thrice at the clinic, and it has been a very reliving treatment for my stomach. I recommend everyone to go through a holistic treatment at Dr. Bali’s Bliss Total Wellness center as it really worked wonders for me!!I also benefitted from the herbal detox massages at the clinic, and they even provide super healthy food on request 🙂

Abhishek Sharma

Dr. Bali & Bliss both are simplicity yet effectiveness personified

दिल्ली में हॉसख़ास स्थित वेलनेस सेंटर जाने का अवसर मिला। सेंटर की संचालक डा.पूनम बाली सादगी,सहजता,सरलता से सम्पन्न शानदार और प्रभावी शख़्सियत हैं।चिकित्सीय अनुभव उनके हर शब्दों में झलकता है। वे क़ुदरत के नज़दीक रहकर अनुशासित जीवन शैली अपनाने हेतु सभी को प्रेरित करती हैं। उम्दा पौष्टिक खान-पान
शरीर का रख-रखाव,त्वचा की रक्षा व श्रेष्ठ मानव मूल्यों के साथ क़ुदरती जड़ी-बूटियों की मदद से शारीरिक विकारों और रोग निवारण हेतु यह सुंदर केंद्र है। एक बार आप इस वेलनेस सेंटर का अवश्य ही भ्रमण कीजिएगा।

Rakesh Sharma

Dr. Bali’s Love & Care has infected my whole family

Dr Bali is amazing, she has healed & cured all of my family with love & affection. It’s true blessing to meet such beautiful soul to help get out of depression. I would highly recommend her.

Parikshit Sharma

Dr .Bali’s advice on just a walk in visit has been a pleasant surprise each time

My wife and I came here simply because we live near by. And we have been very lucky the day we came inside.
The advices given by Dr Poonam are right, and yes, wellness is the right word about this place. Wellness, where consequences of urban life and its stress can evaporate.
I take the opportunity of this post to thank all the team.

Michel Tisserand

Dr. Bali has professionalism, knowledge and vast experience in every area of skin, health care

Dr. Punam Bali is a very professional doctor with immense knowledge, she seems to understand every ailment of mine with just the mention of the symptoms. I am very grateful and thankful to her for making me believe in homeopathy as i come from a medical background who believed in allopathy.from hyper pigmentation to colon hydrotherapy to potli treatment i am very much satisfied and happy with all the medication.its cost effective and a must try for all.
My best wishes to her and her professional team.

Melody Zou

End of migraine and acidity with Homeopathy applied holistically

I was looking for natural cures for chronic migraine n acidity. Tired from popping painkillers and antacids giving momentary releif and damaging my entire health in return giving rise to fatty liver etc. I searched for homeopathic cures with holistic therapy approach. I thank my God for sending me to Dr Poonam Bali s Bliss centre. From my instant feel I felt assured to have found a permanent answer from the way Dr Bali consulted me ,taking note of every word I spoke from my long history,diet,lifestyle errors etc. She guided me for amendments and gave me her remedies. Its first time in my life that I did nt experience a migraine episode in 2 weeks. Acidity is much better and I feel in my heart that its end of my misery. Every one from reception to helpers to therapy staff are so caring n polite. Kudos to Bliss team n Dr Bali specially. May God bless her with more power.

Aslam Ansari

You get ‘Holistic Food’ and ‘Timeless Cures’ with Dr. Bali’s humanism

A truly blissful experience at Dr. Poonam Bali’s Bliss Total Wellness centre at Hauz khas, New Delhi.
The Colon Cleansing therapy was done in an extremely hygienic manner and the Ayurvedic body scrub with oil massage was very rejuvenating.
I highly recommend a visit.
Not to miss on her hospitable warn nature and friendly staff.
The freshly ground ginger paste aromatic tea and a sumptuous healthy lunch of zucchini veg, ragi roti with freshly ground coconut chutney was a surprise treat.
Rare to come accross such a beautiful human like Dr Poonam Bali.

Sharmila Goyal

Vibrations of ‘Bliss’ Centre are itself authentication of their, effective cures

Dr. Poonam has changed our life since our friend recommended us . We had lost all hope when our dog had was diagnosed with hydrosyphillis . We had consulted all doctors throughout India as well as the US . There is no cure for this disease . When our friend recommended us to Dr Poonam we had no belief in homeopathic medicine but as it was our last hope we met Dr Poonam . Since the time we arrived at her clinic , we had this aura of positive vibes and instantly knew we were in good hands . With Dr Poonam’s experience, well wishing and belief , after 6 months , not has our dog recovered fully , but is energetic and playful . We sincerely owe his life to doctor .
Not just our little puppy , seeing the results we too stopped all allopathy medicines and started to believe in homeopathy. I had high blood pressure for 2 years which was cured by Dr Poonam in less than 2 months . My wife has had chronic constipation since childhood and was on heavy medication . After 3 months of homeopathy her constipation was relieved and after almost 15 years she quit having allopathy . Dr Poonam has done wonders to our and our family’s health . We feel much fitter and energetic . I would recommend Dr Poonams homeopathy and natural treatments anyday. Now me and my family trust her and her medicines with blind faith .

Gatik Nanda

Dr. Bali not only fixed our chronic health issues but infused new life in our

Thank you Dr Poonam for your warmth and care through inspiration and homeopathy medication . Not just treating chronic diseases in our family but fast and easy healing of my husband when he has contracted COVID . With the help of immunity boosters and cough medication my husband did not have any complication when he had covid. When his oxygen levels dropped below 90 one day Dr Poonam swiftly sent ASPIdOSPERMA within no time . In less than 30 minutes oxygen level came to above 95 . All her medication are wonders . My husband tested negetive on the 10th day and we all were reunited thanks to Dr Poonam .

Bhanu Chadha

Dr. Bali’s timely help, saved life of my staff, fighting with Covid-19

Dr Poonam Bali is a very very helpful human being . Cannot imagine how she helped in sending medicine ( homeopathic) in a timely manner for our cook / helper .
A few days back was outside my residence ,early morning , struggling to move the oxygen concentrator, which I managed to get overnight for the use by our cook / helper . Poonam was crossing by and saw me looking distressed. She said she would send me some homeopathic medicines for our cook / helper , which she did so quickly & promptly and immediately calling a few times & explaining its use. She is so caring , kept on advising on its correct usage etc . Unimaginable, how her heart is of empathy to help. Dr Poonam Bali ‘s medicines worked very well and our cook reached his village safely . We thank her for her timely help in sending us such effective medicines

Deepak Sarin

I Found cure from persistent IBS with Colonics & Homeopathy

I’m having IBS problem since 4 years.I visited so many clinic for the treatment but I was not feeling good from anywhere.So finally after asking Google ,I found dr Poonam Bali’s holistic hospital.So I visited the clinic and consult with doctor and dr asked me about my past life and routine for a better treatment.after consultation dr adviced me to go through colon hydrotherapy ,which will be a good for Colon cleaning and will give better relief from constipation.So I have gone through 3 colon hydrotherapy sessions in three days.During 3 days therapy I stayed there in dr Bali’s hospital.During these 3 sessions they also gave ayurvedic body massage and steam bath.After colon hydrotherapy and message I feel very relax and fresh.Talking about staff, is very professional and caring.During my stay the provide me fresh and hygiene food. Highly recommend for good health 👍.

Ravi R

‘Bliss’ a Centre to find peace, calm and inner health

Bliss wellness clinic is a fantastic way to relax and de-stress. A visit to Bliss offers a great opportunity to separate yourself from life’s everyday stressors and have some precious ‘me time’. Allowing yourself this time to wind down and relax has so many additional benefits, such as a clear mind and increased productivity once you leave your treatment!

Suraj Jamnik

I found Back Pain Slip Disc Cure with Dr. Bali’s patience experience in correct Diagnosis

My name is Ronojyoti, and, around a year ago, I had severe back pain resulting from slip disc. I had no clue as to how it occurred as there were no reasons instigating the same from my end. During these times, I caught glance of BLISS, Total wellness center in Hauz Khas Delhi, run and operated by owner, Dr Poonam Bali, an Homoepath doctor by profession and also, specializes as Life style Consultant, Yoga teacher and Cosmetologist.

I found the services of Bliss to be extremely effective and useful. The center has trained professionals in ayurvedic massage treatments from different parts of the country wherein they use specific Ayurvedic oils in their massage treatments .

Dr Bali was found to be extremely effective in her diagnosis whilst being patient to gather all the issues and steadily working on the same.

Being an homeopath, we benefited from the medicines as provided to us for different types of ailments.

Overall, I highly recommend Bliss to anyone looking for a high quality and professional Ayurvedic massage treatments.

Ronojyoti Deb

Weight Loss procedure here is like nowhere else

My name is Joita Deb. I Came to Bliss for weight loss ,my weight is 85 and still undergoing treatment and its been only few days I can feel the difference already. Under Dr Poonam Balis guidance am sure I will be soon in shape. The products they use is all Ayurveda and there services is extra ordinary and superb. Its total value for money and its really worth giving it a try here.

Joita Deb

I overcame my grief with Dr. Bali’s compassionate support

My husband passed away on 28thApril 2021, n I still can’t bear the pain of loss , he was my whole life. I couldn’t sleep since he passed away , my health was going down . I didn’t want to take allopathic medicines because of their strong side effects.Then I called up Dr. Poonam Bali (Homeopathy Dr.), N told her everything n requested her to help me….she is very dedicated, thoughtful doctor , I appreciate her for taking care of me n prescribed me Homeopathic medicines …Now I m feeling much better.
Really want to thank Dr Poonam Bali.she is a wonderful person moreover a good friend.she really took care of me so well . Dr.Poonam “you always make me feel so safe., Thank you for being the best DOCTOR for me.”
God bless you ..n luv u💕

Brijmohan Kaur

I found an end to my Fatty Liver and Chronic Constipation

I visited Dr. Poonam Bali’s Bliss centre after selecting it on reading their customer reviews of quality of Detox plans which I was requiring for Fatty liver’High cholesterol’ high Blood pressure constipation and weight loss etc.
I underwent 1 month of intensive treatment plan advised by Dr. Poonam post a detailed consultation. She also gave me homeo medicines. After 45 days all my levels and overall health is looking so much better. I plan to continue as their health care member.and recommend to everyone.
It’s  hygeinic’professionsl’ well trained staff n value for money n time .

Abhinav Raj Singh

Pankaj Kavidayal

I m now free from chronic cough & bronchitis

I was suffering from chronic Cough and Bronchitis. I consulted Dr Poonam Bali. She prescribed homeopathic medicines, alongwith Yog asanas,pranayam,kriyas n naturopathy in daily life.Though I could not implement everything what she had prescribed n suggested but after taking homeopathic medicine n practising some kriyas,I m now free from chronic cough & bronchitis.Thanks Dr Poonam for enabling me to resume my endurance exercises.May god give u more power to provide wellness to common masses

Pankaj Kavidayal

Supriya Saraf

It’s a place for complete health and rejuvenation

Amazing wellness and homeopathic treatment center. Their colon therapy treatment for internal detox is highly recommended combined with homeopathy and massages. It’s a place for complete health and rejuvenation. I am feeling lighter, skin is glowing and feeling internally cleaner by doing everything I mentioned above. With Dr Bali’s guidance you are surely going to be in safe hands.

Supriya Saraf

Saurabh Mishra

They live up to to their identity “Bliss”

My experience at Dr Bali’s Centre has been quite satisfactory while I underwent my treatment of migraine,
her trademark colon hydrotherapy for stomach cleansing and detoxification as well as for relaxing massage
by a very professional and trained therapist. They live up to to their identity “Bliss”.

Saurabh Mishra

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

The last five feet of the digestive tract is called colon. The primary function of the colon is to absorb water, electrolytes and some vitamins, as well as preparing and storing faecal matter prior to elimination.

Colon hydrotherapy is the irrigation of the colon by a gentle infusion of multi purified water under regulated temperature and pressure.

Over days, weeks and years, some waste matter gets accumulated in the colon due to poor eating habits, stress, lack of water and putrified overtime, causing gas and toxins. Blood that circulates in the body is same which passes through colon picking up these toxins and carrying it to the whole body. Besides constipation this causes all other ailments like headache, acidity, bloatedness, IBS, allergies, skin rashes, fatigues, pains, fluid retention etc.

Over 3 sessions of colon cleanse in 7 to 10 days, this process is reversed. It removes all impacted faeces, gases, toxins, leaving you with an improved sense of wellbeing, clearer mind, higher energy, flatter tummy and reduced weight.

No, it is not. Colon hydrotherapy tones the muscles of the bowel and restores its natural peristalsis, the wave like motion that moves waste along the intestinal tract.

Dr. Poonam Bali

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